To continue looking after you, we have equipped ourselves with the best sanitizing system* on the market

This measure is in addition to the standard health measures adopted to contain the spread of Covid-19 (SARS-COV-2)

We have equipped Dr. Frozzi Dental Surgeries with the new, latest-generation molecular purifiers to sanitize the air and surfaces.


* The experts of the AIO (Associazione Italiana Odontoiatri) [Italian Association of Dentists] have analysed the main sanitizing devices that have been used by dentists to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.
Based on efficacy and safety criteria, the solution adopted by the Dr Frozzi Dental Surgeries was found to be the best among the systems for sanitizing the air and surfaces and the only one with no contraindications.
It is the most advanced solution to lower the infection and chemical risk

The technology we decided to use in the Dr. Frozzi Dental Surgeries in Vicenza and Cento has redefined the standards of air and surface disinfection.

Maximum efficacy 24h

Destruction of virusesbacteriafungitoxins,
moulds and allergens.

Areas of use

This technology has never been used in the dental sector before; it is used in the aerospace, healthcare and food sectors, in which higher sanitization standards must be met.


The technology used in molecular purifiers was designed by NASA and patented by the Airscience Technology International research centre.


The system introduced into Dr Frozzi Dental Surgeries is the only one certified by the UK Health Protection Agency and the safest according to the Associazione Italiana Odontoiatri.

Your safety above all

Thanks to technology designed by NASA, our new purifiers disaggregate, at molecular level, every noxious substance potentially present in the environment, simultaneously sanitizing and disinfecting the air, surfaces and equipment, 24/7.

NASA researchers were inspired by the Earth’s atmosphere

To develop the technology in the molecular purifiers we installed in our surgeries, researchers were inspired by studying what happens in the natural environment during photosynthesis. The molecular technology purifies the environment by mineralising noxious substances and making them harmless.

Instead of using purifiers with filters, we now rely on the action of light

Our new molecular purifiers are effective against bacteria, viruses and moulds without requiring a filter. Instead, they use a natural photocatalysis process that relies on the activity of light.

The filters in purifiers cannot block substances smaller than 0.3 micron

Molecular purifiers destroy all noxious substances present in the environment, including those as small as 0.0001 micron


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