You can feel at ease even at the dentist's surgery


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The best professionals


You can rely on a team of excellence in the field of advanced dentistry at the Dr Frozzi Dentist’s Surgeries.

Some of our team members are the best dentists of North Italy, who are specialised in the new digital techniques and have many years of clinical and research experience.

The specialists who work with Matteo Frozzi are backed by paramedic staff members who are highly qualified and always up-to-date on the latest technologies in order to offer you maximum professional expertise and the best services.

The most advanced technologies


Today technology is transforming the very way of conceiving dentistry, and you have the opportunity to choose the professionals who know best how to apply it in patient care.

All equipment that the Dr Frozzi Dentist’s Surgeries use are the most sophisticated and advanced the market offers. For example, you can undergo diagnostic examinations right at the surgery without unnecessary waiting thanks to our very low radiation dose CT.

The timeliness of the care given is also helped by using latest generation software for the quicker and less invasive operations.

Strict sterilisation protocols


The first step taken to protect your health is to receive you in comfortable and perfectly sanitised rooms.

The Dr Frozzi Dentist’s Surgeries follow strict procedures when sanitising all of their equipment, use disposable instruments and keep the surgical equipment and surfaces clean.

The patient ranks first


To take care of your smile, the dentists at the Dr Frozzi Dentist’s Surgeries work every day to guarantee you the maximum standards of quality in terms of therapeutic results, definite treatment scheduling, not very invasive operations and reasonable costs.

The route does not end with the sessions at the surgery, but instead continues at your home with daily dental hygiene and the advice that your dentist gives you. If you need us, you can rely on the utmost availability of our professionals at any time.

Health within everybody's reach


Undergoing excellent dental treatment can be a substantial economic undertaking.
This is why we offer you the chance to gain access to credit schemes that break the expense down into instalments, interestfree.

We also wish to remind you that you can recover 19% of the expense borne for specialised medical services on your income tax return.

  • " Frozzi has been my dentist for several years. I also take my son there, because they get along well with children. Doctors and assistants are nice, they intrigue them and they explain how to brush their teeth properly. "

    Marzia Trevisan / Vicenza

  • " Even if I am an amateur sportsman, I had heard them talk about gumshields used by professional athletes. One of my teammates recommended Frozzi, who uses an excellent product. Now I wear it at all the practices. "

    Fabrizio Rinaldi / Mirabello (FE)

  • " "My father underwent an implantation operation. I was somewhat worried because he is rather elderly, but it was unnecessary to incise the gums with the new systems the Frozzi surgery uses, and he recovered in very little time. "

    Rossella Barbieri / Ro (FE)

  • " I was always thrown into a panic when I had to go to the dentist, but I haven't felt that way for the past year. I want to thank the dentists and assistants of the Frozzi surgery, who made me feel at ease starting with my very first examination. "

    Giorgio Sartori / Asiago (VI)

  • " Last winter I finally decided to have braces put in. Since I am no longer a young girl, Dr Frozzi recommended the transparent aligner. I felt great, both because it's invisible and because I don't notice the annoyance of metal threads. "

    Giovanna Fabbri / Ferrara